Monday, July 14, 2008

Millington Michigan child ran over-No Ticket Issued-Man takes NO Responsibility

A little girl who knows nothing but sunshine, smiles, babies, bikes with training wheels, swimming, friends and family.

A man who knows that that park he lives in is full of little kids, all playing in the roads yet gets in his truck and backs up without acknowlegeling the screams around him to stop.

He backs over Lauren, she is under his truck and her big brother beats on the mans door to getting him to stop. The man continues in a panic and continues to run her over , going right over her foot before coming to a stop.

In a panic an ambulance is called and Lauren is pulled out from under his truck without thinking that any other further damages could be done....
Seems in Millington, Michigan you can hit a pedestrian pushing a baby stroller as long as you look and can't see her 3 year old self in the mirror.
To hell with looking around physically knowing that the road was filled with little ones....or listening to the screaming to stop!

A loving big brother brings her toys while she sits and watching as the other kids can play....

We are sooooooo lucky , she will be fine but the politics who who picks up the medical bills are yet to be worked out.

Our little grand daughter Lauren is healing.
This would be a whole different story if it was in our city, law enforcement out that way could use some trainning in accident scenes and reports.
For God sake!

I know Lauren learned and paid dearly for a life's lesson......what did the man pay?
I am still pissed! He could have stood up to the plate and asked if he could pay the $500.00 insurance deductable, a gentleman's gesture....but hell no!
Now lawyers are sending letters daily to take on her case....

We will have to wait to see how this shakes out. Mean while we are counting our blessings.
I am sooooooo Sorry baby, grama loves you.


  1. This gave me chills and tears. I'm soooo glad she is OK physically but her face looks sad.

    HUGS to all of you!!!!!!!!

  2. awful! I know she's ultimately ok and that's the most important thing..but STILL! I'd be pissed too. Just keep holding her as much as ya can. And give her a tight squeeze from me too.



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