Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fields of sunflowers...

Walking through a field of sun flowers up by Traverse City....the skys were so blue and the flowers where so majestic! Made me feel smal....my favorite flower of all. The sunflower! Hugs TJ

More upper Michigan Photos...breath taking!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh lucky me here we go again...

Emily 7/2009

I am being punished again! Aaron has pulled his children from me until I see the errors of my ways!
I have finally after 10 long years put my foot down.

Son or not! He is fired!
Took off another month with no notice or phone call...left us all hanging!

I have put the challenge out there for him, we pay you $15.00 an hour working or not! Find some one else who will put up with your shit! I am done.
I have cried for days but it had to be done.

He needs to grow his azz up! 33 years old Get your own life!
Sad I am....but somewhere it had to stop! Spoiled brat!!

Come see me when you have respect! Nuff said~ I will dearly miss my babies! Dearly..but he was the one who made the decision not me...
Hugs TJ

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hope all is great for you!

Enjoying my summer! I look differently at so many things now as I walk again down the nature of the beast's corridors. I believe Karey has a chance for years ahead, Jim I fear will never make it. Brain cancer is a terrible in such a way that you deal with great loss in the normal mental works of each and everyday...I cherish summers bounties!
with love, TJ

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Journal vacation...

To all my wonderful friends.... I have ben so busy. Loving each and everyday! Time waits for no one...this I have learned from dying friends.
I admit I am a bit of a stranger but I am so more aware of the moments that pass so quickly! I have to be on my PC for work...and I am trying to do just what little I have to do and then off I go! I am sure my time will roll around when I walk back into my journal and talk as if I could never stop...but for now I just need to breath. No moments for reflection...just breath and walk forward. Love to all....TJ

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She's moody and graceful

Funny how the change in seasons make such a huge impact on my well being. I love changes in weather.
Not to much else really changes in my life which is a wonderful thing since I have spent so many years trying to get to this place. Maybe this is why weather changes make such a diiference.

Spring is NOT One of my favorites, it's 4th as a matter of fact. I do however appreciated all that happens with the arrival of Spring.

Spring has a voice all of her own.
She is much like a wake up call after a long sleep or perhaps a green light at an intersection. She says go...start, move!

She's moody and graceful.
She gives and she takes.
She is the earth housekeeper, cleasing and renewing after the other seasons.

Yup, Spring is ok but ya can never trust her.
I am off to get some work done.
I can not expect to draw my pitful little paycheck for nothing...must at least look as if I am interested.
Work is over rated!