Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh lucky me here we go again...

Emily 7/2009

I am being punished again! Aaron has pulled his children from me until I see the errors of my ways!
I have finally after 10 long years put my foot down.

Son or not! He is fired!
Took off another month with no notice or phone call...left us all hanging!

I have put the challenge out there for him, we pay you $15.00 an hour working or not! Find some one else who will put up with your shit! I am done.
I have cried for days but it had to be done.

He needs to grow his azz up! 33 years old Get your own life!
Sad I am....but somewhere it had to stop! Spoiled brat!!

Come see me when you have respect! Nuff said~ I will dearly miss my babies! Dearly..but he was the one who made the decision not me...
Hugs TJ


  1. Oh how sad. But lemme tell you....I can SO relate! My 30 something year old step son sounds identical. Pisses me off so badly but I can't cut him off...not my choice. Plus, we adore his 2 kids. SUCKS. He needs to grow HIS azz up too. My heart goes out to you...but GOOD FOR YOU for standing up for yourself!

  2. Oh TJ,I feel your pain but at the same time I'm proud of you. He will come around to tough love eventually.



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