Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She's moody and graceful

Funny how the change in seasons make such a huge impact on my well being. I love changes in weather.
Not to much else really changes in my life which is a wonderful thing since I have spent so many years trying to get to this place. Maybe this is why weather changes make such a diiference.

Spring is NOT One of my favorites, it's 4th as a matter of fact. I do however appreciated all that happens with the arrival of Spring.

Spring has a voice all of her own.
She is much like a wake up call after a long sleep or perhaps a green light at an intersection. She says go...start, move!

She's moody and graceful.
She gives and she takes.
She is the earth housekeeper, cleasing and renewing after the other seasons.

Yup, Spring is ok but ya can never trust her.
I am off to get some work done.
I can not expect to draw my pitful little paycheck for nothing...must at least look as if I am interested.
Work is over rated!


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  2. don't like Spring? Hmmm....well, does May fall into that? It's sorta the tail end of spring and start of summer. I ask, because I adore May. It's my favorite Month. I do hope you have a beautiful weekend! I hope Mother Nature is kind and predictable and gives you the weather you appreciate.


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