Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3D..wow I am hooked!

Up early, to early.
46 degrees.

Yesterday I had Meg and Ethan while my daughter-in-law was up to the hospital with her step father, Grandpa Marty.
Through testing they have discovered a aortic aneurysm, a 7 centimeter one to be totally accurate. At 5 centimeters they do surgery yet they are still in conference to see if he is able.

I felt I needed to take focus off Grandpa Marty being in the hospital and all the questions.
off we went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.
Talk about an experience!
There was moments when we all held hands, all ducked and screamed.
Holding the hand of a tiny 5 year old with big ol' black rimmed glasses was a great way to capture a first 3d date experience.
It was more then funny to watch him, it was a multiple of emotional events I will surely not forget.

I did this combined photo, 3d, 2 layers and embossed in Microsoft pictures.

[A few digital photo renders....I love to play with photo software.]

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