Monday, August 18, 2008

Amazing how beautiful a day can be....

Amazing how beautiful a day can be....
birds churpping, bugs buzzing and a fresh breeze that way beyond explaination in a range of possibility.

Much like a butterfly I have hopped from one task to another.
My mind has wondered off and taken my thoughts in many different directions.
I am experiencing memories triggered by the feel of a moment.

My neck is still painful, my shoulders still ache. This surgery has kicked my butt.
A reminder that it is okay to just dabble with daily tasks or pay dearly later tonight.
I think I have just convinced myself to toss the day into the breeze and take my camera on a road trip for the next Round Robin challenge due this Saturday.
Artsey Photos.
Tough one for this area...but I know of a few places to get a few shots.

Wishing everyone, peace, happiness and much laughter.

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  1. Enjoy your time being allowed to bounce and flit. :) Hope you find more comfort soon. :) XO


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