Friday, August 22, 2008

Waking up the morning light


I love sitting out on our deck.
Coffee in hand out I go just before dawn capturing this photo.

Meg's been here for the week...what a joy she is.
Last night I had a few glasses of wine so I was ready for bed.
Our nightly routine is to make up a story.
Hmmm...I am ready for sleep but that story must be told.
I jumped in at just the right moment "Bam I am a webkin."
We both laughed...then she smelled something..( my wine breath)
Picking her webkins up..I sniffed it's butt.
Nope nothing here.
We both laughed again unntil she got her wits back and continued the story.
She see's me fading off and the last thing I heard was her "Bam I am a vacume cleaner."
Such silly stories with so much sweet laughter.
I am sooooooo lucky!

The morning air drips with humidity and the temp is a whopping 72 degrees already.
This is that time of year for Michigan that the temps rise and fall to assorted levels daily.
This is start of fall.

My starting fall list is to:
deadhead flowerbeds,
stock up on bird seed
start putting out daily, all natural peanuts in the shell for the chippies to haul off to get them through winter,

Ahhhhhh yes.
I can feel fall.
My favorite time of year.

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  1. Sounds like magical moments! Treasure them and hold them to your heart. :)


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