Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bubble baths?? Meet Abbey.

This week's Sunday Scribblings asks: How did you meet your significant other, your best friend, your dog, your nemesis? On the flip side of that, are there any people in your life you have lost touch with who you wonder about?

Bubble baths aren't just for kids....meet Abbey.

Abbey was a gift.
A gift to encourage smiles and laughter, a very large expectation for such a tiny little spirit.
A gift for a leary heart, not wanting to committ so soon if ever again to another pet.

My husband walked up behind me as I sat quietly down by the pond watching the tallest of lily's sway into the gentle breeze. On occassion a tiny bubble would rise in the water where a fish kissed the surface.

I was content.
My heart no longer ached for my little girl Katie, a Shitz Tzu of 2 years old before she passed.
My Katie died from Lupus no matter my efforts to save her.

I heard my husband coming not turning to look, preferring to feel him as he approached as I often did.
Closing my eyes, listening for him I heard nothing more of his approach.
For a second I thought I felt a small cold spot on my arm.
When I turned to look at my arm, there she was.
All 6 ounces of happiness, a dark haired ball of fur with big dark eyes was lickiing with what appeared to be the tiniest little pink tongue I had ever seen let alone felt.

I looked up at my husband who seemed to be very proud of his gift...he is smiling with much pleasure.
Looking back down at what was now a pink belly with ears rolling in the tall grass, I discovered love again.
It was love at first sight.

Abbey is 14 years now...what a gift she has been.
Thank you honey, thank you Abbey.
I am smiling.


  1. Too cute! I LOVE this!

    Thanks for the smile!


  2. How lovely aren't dogs just the best friends.


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