Friday, August 29, 2008

Drew Barrymore is in town...and life matters

Drew Barrymore took our Ken's Diner and turned it into THE OINK JOINT.
It was a diner of the 50's, most commonly used for the old cars cruise, next door to my girlfriend's bar she named Vets.
We told you that a movie was being shot in Birch Run Township. It’s a film called “Whip It!” that was using what used to be Kens Diner as a location that had been remade into the “Oink Joint”.Local residents spent the day at the location watching the action and looking for stars. Their wait paid off. Rob Major of Vassar was one of those lucky spectators. He sent NBC25 an email telling us about getting to meet the film’s director Drew Barrymore.
Just how cool is that!
We was told......Even though this part is shot in Mid-Michigan, the movie is about a Texas girl who joins a roller derby league. The movie is based on the young adult novel Derby Girl, written by Shauna Cross. The movie is currently scheduled to be released in 2009.
My question is..just how in the hell did she find Ken's Diner!!!
And how can you make a movie look Texan in MICHIGAN!
I lived in both out west and now Michigan , there is a world of me on this one.
Lets just see how this unfolds....
Life matters...
Sarah Palin…now there was a sweet surprise!!
I am a democrat by nature but I have to say that nothing is more appealing to me then a military man in uniform with strong women beside him.
Hurricane Gustav [your link for live updates]
Keeping our eye out.
Watching all the updates
My neice has her Air Force reserves in place for evacts.


  1. Hahaha ! this pig on the roof is really appetizing !!

  2. Hey, a movie about a bbq place HAS to rock!

  3. Dang I think I messed my comment up! Maybe I need to run to Michigan!

    We moved up here from Texas and yeah, WAY different!!

  4. TJ, I love you, and having said that...we're gonna have to agree to disagree on politics.




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