Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our shoreline-Lake Superior-"Gitche Gumee"Sunday Scribbling

Sunday Scribblings #126 Somewhere
Got your speakers turned up?
Song: Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot
Photo: Lake Superior Shoreline and lighthouse- fall shot
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called "Gitche Gumee."The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy.With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons morethan the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty,that good ship and true was a bone to be chewed when the "Gales of November" came early.
[On November 10, 1975] The men and ship lay somewhere...crossed over from the cold waters of Lake Superior. I go back often, pulled by emotion.
Telling the story still gives me chills but no-one ever told the story as well as Gordon Lightfoot.
Fall is in the air...our last trip for the season.
Time to get back to work ...hording up the fall breeze before the Gales of November sets in.


  1. That's a very beautiful picture !

    There is something wrong with your sidebar, it hangs down ! Your post space is too large I guess !

  2. What an interesting take on the prompt, TJ. Thanks for stopping by to visit the Hatchet boys. They still haven't figured out how to get home...

  3. TJ,

    I love the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald...I remember the sad time when that ship went down. Good post. It brings back some memories!


  4. I really enjoy the song reminds me of my Irish music. I miss folklore like songs that will actually tell a story. I will need to look this up on Amazon!

    And I agree with Susan about the interesting take you went with the post! Very creative.

  5. What a beautiful view! I always love trips to Lake Superior!


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