Friday, September 5, 2008

Beating on chest and crowing..we won!

These photos are after ...the following was before the clean up.

How the new carpets ended up after one damages
and a couple of pigs!

The bathroom had to be gutted and everthing replaced.
They even stoled the lights and plumbing fixtures.

This is the large shed out back with all the appliances that was about two years old we furnished.
It was demolished! Everything destroyed!!

We won our case against our last renters.
Full $3,000.00 was awarded which we have opted to take from their income tax returns.
Sadly our loss was much more then that to repair the home back to a normal state but it is done.
God I am so thankful to have my sister tucked in there now. She has everything looking so nice.
I will never rent this home out to another stranger...I obviously can't be a good judge of character.

38 pounds


  1. OMG I can't believe what they did. I'm terrified at what my daughter's family has done to our house. Their very messy!




  2. I'm so glad you won in court! You certainly deserved it! What pigs they were, but how terrific your sister is living there now and keeps it looking great.



  3. Wow, they done you bad! My parents have a rental that they've had since I was little. So far they've had a few do small damages but so far most are decent. But they all take the lightbulbs?! Weirdos!

    Your place is looking great now!

  4. Couple of pigs is right!

    Glad you won!


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