Friday, August 8, 2008

turning a flashlight on and off...get the message

laughing...thank you Dan for the picture. I think it was indeed a perfect employee capture.
But I seen other humor.
Cell phones, I Pods, laptops, home PC's, microwaves, blah..blah..blah
New tech,
I do love it, all of it.

Everytime I hear someone say that they haven't any need for all this "new fandangled stuff" I cringe. I would not deny anyone their right to drive 20 minutes out of their way rather then to use GPS, but "COM'ON"
And if I have to listen one more time ( you know who you are) that you fear I am going to get brain cancer. Well I fear I will be compelled to club you over the head, drag you back to my cave and make a slave of!
There I said it...
Should you want to respond ?? My telegraph is down but I found a Morse Code translater on the Internet or should you want to try a visual using a flashlight to get me a message .
Remember the old band radios ? Oh yes..the truck drivers! {{{ Dave }}}
ok, nuff poking fun.

School is starting back so sooon!
Fall feelings in night air.
Again, already!

We haven't been camping yet this summer.
The hubster has but we haven't.

I love to camp.
Finding a beautiful little spot by a crooked creek or up on the shores of the Great Lakes is one of my favorites.
So many great memories.
I would like to add another but I don't see it happening this year.

I will regret this...this winter.
I can not believe I have thoughts of the word.


  1. I love to camp too, and it's been too long since I've had the pleasure...

  2. I could not live without my gadgets - well ok, I could, but life would be much more boring!

    I too, have been caught up in thoughts of cooler days and snow beginning to fly. :)


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