Friday, August 1, 2008

War, Peace and Democracy

Peaceful Abbey 14 yrs. old

Live life on purpose.
Times are not getting better in our nation...yet we must all place one desperate foot in front of the other and push on.
We have had to lower our bar of standards as a nation and the unjust changes are starting to pit one man against another in values, pride and faith.

I have found myself only watching meaningless or documentary televison.
Sick to death of this Presidental politics, sick to death of all the advertising.
Daily I watch as one after another fall into the low spots of our economy wondering just how long the middle class can hold on.
The medical field preys upon our dollars, the oil companies take what's left.

We have to start thinking differently.

It is a individual priority to find our own purpose. I would like to think that Democracy still is within our reach.
Yet I feel "Nobody" and I do mean nobody will be exempt in this slide of the working class.

Start now with insuring what is valuable.
I have said it before....I do not drive new cars but I have all the insurance I need on our home.

We don't have a physically war torn country yet the bombs are dropping daily on our heads.
Think shelter.
Think purpose.

No time for "Thank you very damn much" or looking for rainbows.

Now stepping away from the morning gloom I will walk out my back yard and look at the wealth of beauty mother nature brings me.
I will enjoy my fair trade coffee , another of my concerns.... an environmental issue.

Life changes....we still have choices.

A gift of Flowers from my walk out back this morning....


My veiws from where I sit...Love TJ


  1. Did Abbey help you pick those gorgeous bouquets? Love them! I love to have my nose, or lens in flowers. :)

    Kisses to Abbey!


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