Monday, February 23, 2009

I am afraid of the darks in life.

Something we all fear, something we all have been touched by in one way or another...CANCER.

In January this year my husband and I traveled to New Mexico so I could give a dear friend a hug after her call to tell us that she had brain cancer.

This last Saturday morning the phone rings again with the news that my husband's best friend is in the hospital and the tests confirm that he too has brain cancer.
Last we heard from him was Friday night and he was fine, going to see the Pistons play.

In one second everything changes.
Nothing stays the same.
This planet and all it encompass is constantly under change, often without us giving it much thought.
Last night , laying awake I tried to make sense of these events that are unfolding.
I only know this for sure...
I am afraid of the darks in life.


  1. Me too, TJ! HUGS I'll send prayers up for your friends. Making sense of it all is just going to bring more pain and no sleep. One day we will know the why's of this life.

  2. Ouch.

    Makes my heart hurt too. Sorry you're afraid.
    Do you best to make the most of the moments, ok?


  3. It is strange that my eyes just dropped on this post. Yesterday the husband of my best friend told us that she is diying, it's only a matter of time. She has colon cancer, detected too late and now... 32 years of friendship it will be harde !

  4. aww... wish them good health ... nice quote on the sidebar !! thanks for visiting my blog.. liked it here :)


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