Friday, March 13, 2009

I am at it again...

It is a strong characteristic of mine. I change with the weather.
My home is a perfect example of my swings.
Nothing can be permanent yet everything stays, just never in the same place.

I am continuously reinventing floral, photos, and damn throw rugs
[ a sickness of mine]!
I bought myself a digital photo frame to eliminate all the pictures I had on the walls trying my hardest to streamline our home.
I keep thinking simple is better since I would rather eat mud then to dust as often as things scream for.

So here I stand today looking around my house after seeing a photo of Judi's living room, going whatheheck? Thinking I want to redecorate. Now that is trouble...

Oh and I have change my blogs once again.
Check it out...and it is so easy.
No changing the HTML's.
It is as easy as adding their code to our new gadget buttons!
Have a great weekend!

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