Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know it's only natural..

Love's gift cannot be given,
it waits openly to be accepted.

I am so fortunate that both "Sets" of my parents are alive and well in health..I often get show them how much I love and value the times we spend together.

Like any realtionship there has been those times. I now know those times where the moments we both had growing to do. Either they were unrealistic with their reality of expectations for our relationship or I was and tempers flared.

I have always been allowed to express myself in my child like role and as a adult.
There was never any question in my mind what to expect in their expressions of any given situation.

I find myself thinking about what will I do when it is my turn up to the plate and they are no longer in sitting in my bleechers.....

They have brought these thoughts into play.
Both sets are having these little conversations with me "about when?"

Giving me information they feel I will need, showing me locations I haven't seen, handing me combinations and small treasures.

I stand beside, walk behind nodding my head up and down pretending to be attentive when in my mind I am screaming " God give me strength! I do not want to know this stuff!"

I want more time..I want you to always stay and be the grown -ups.

Then BHAM it hits me...It's only natural.

Thank you for the wonderful day mom.

I will cherish your treasures and keep dad's combinations in my safe.


  1. Love the hands! I wish I lived closer to my parents. :)

  2. It is only natural--and isn't that the best?

  3. That photo looks like it's telling this story. You are lucky so grab every moment!


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