Sunday, March 29, 2009

New additions...changes

Last year just about the end of summer we cleared some more of the woods out back to claim more space for our backyard.
We spent time adding sprinkler heads, mounds and lots of mulch to some new additions.

I choose 7 new rhododendrons, hostas, coral bells, wild grass and some daiseys.

Now I wait with baited breathe to see if they have made it through these harsh winter months.
Crossing fingers...I was attached to them the moment they went in the ground.

I am leaving just for overnight with my parents. Earl is having his nose reconstructed after his skin cancer has been totally removed with plastic surgery. They will use the cartlige from his ear and skin from his neck.

Mom is on crutches so I figure it is best they have an extra two hands...I am taking my camera.
Ya' just never know...
until tomorrow

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  1. I hope the visit goes well, and I hope all your flowers made it through the winter! I look forward to PICS!



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