Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They say your first time is the worst....

"Sure I will go...if you say it is fun well that is what I am all about."
says the Bingo Virgin.

Once out of my Taho along side my friend I couldn't help but noticing the aboundance of McDonalds bags along with totes filled with colorful things.

I stood in the line for the cards only to find out that they come in packages and $20.00 is not an option if you want to play for the entire session.
No, it's more like $38.00 for the beginners bundle.
Oh and you must also have a Dabber for the price of $1.50. I choose a bright purple.
Before the night was over I had purple and other assorted dabs up and down my arm, on my face and even in my hair.

I met two very nice women that sat behind me.
It seems they noticed I had played the orange sheet that had not been called yet.
Everyone else was playing BINGO BALLS,I could not have noticed as I was face planted in my huge orange paper sheet! And just what is the Bingo Balls game?

They loaned me a bright green dabber to play over top of my purple dabberdamned orange sheet.
The balls were coming up on the screen and back to my face plant I went only with the borrowed green dabber.
I went for it again!
The girls loaned me a red dabber and told me not to touch a thing until they gave me instruction to do I waited now with my multi colored dabberdamn sheet and I will admit to a few beads of sweat on my forehead.

I was as tensed up and nervous as a virgin after midnight at all male frat house party.

While I waited I looked around closely for the first time since I sat down.
I was amazed that I was in the pro section filled with mojo lucky charms and as well as a complete fast food buffet.

A cute little sales girl along with what I assumed was one of the pros approached me with the sales of scratch off's for the Bingo Balls. Kindly the elder women gave me a tissue to wipe my face of multi smudged colors of dab while she was laughing.
I knew then that this wasn't any Moose Lodge Bingo, this was the real deal!

Then it started and it was time for my orange already sopping wet from dabs paper sheet of cards.

I made it through the entire evening, never won a dime and felt a touch of shame for the continous shhhhhhhhhhh I did to my friend when she wanted to chatter while the games where going on. We was a table apart, she plays with enough of game sheets to fill an entire table...damn you say? I kid not!

They say your first time is the worst...


  1. I'm not so sure that sounds like fun. But it was an experience. :) No?

  2. Your first time iss usually like that. LOL Priceless TJ!


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