Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How much does your best friend trust you?

How much do you trust your best friend?

My friend, Kathy who lives next door is in Texas for a month.
Before she left she asked if I would help her with some remodeling...sure I love this-right up my alley.

Before she left we went to look so she could show me her likes and dislikes.
I have had an open checkbook, a very nice budget and this is what I have done...
tomorrow I pick her up at the airport!
I am dying to see her face!!

Wished the refrig and stove was here today but promised tomorrow.
All old appliances are going to the women's shelter for battered women.
They will be picked up tomorrow...

The smell of the new cabinets and floors are to die for...her kitchen and down stairs laundry/bathroom have not been touched since 1972.

I have had a ball!! She is broke...for that project anyways.

I think the contract guys did a GREAT job! But truthfully I have seen enough ASS CRACK to last me a while...


  1. I bet you had loads of fun!! It looks great! I would trust you with my remodeling! :)

  2. WOW you did a fabulous job TJ. Can you do mine without a budget/money. LOL

  3. So once I got the image of ass cracks out of my mind, I looked at the pictures and wow, you did a beautiful job! Well done. I love a good makeover, it always feels so wonderful to go into a room that once depressed me and feel all the newness.
    I don't think I'm going to be able to get the word, ass crack, out of my mind today....just so you know~~ Smile

  4. LOL at the ass cracks remark!

    Stopping by via Rebecca's blog. I love your kitchen makeover--your friend will love you!

    All my best,


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