Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My crutch - the mother

Going to Petosky for the weekend! Odawa to be exact...

Me and mom, mother and I...how ever I say it , it still says fun.

Oh but we have a twist, no pun intended.
She goes bearing her weight on a single crutch. Yup, an ol' knee injury. Hands and knees scrubbing floors I assume. I am sure that will be the story...back in the day before Swiffer, women went down on her hands and knees to scrub the floors. Scrubbing and shinning until you can eat of them. In all seriousness she will be having surgery soon and she wants to get those last miles out of her knee before she is laid up.

I told ya so...
Listening to the morning news -a pilots dies once he lands the plane.
The phone has rang three times to enlighten me.
My fear of flying is real...but I do it, sucking it up and under the influence of a major drug. Xanax [2] to be exact and trust me I could fly the plane with such chemical confidence under my belt.

Not alot else going on...quiet on the home front.
Sitting patiently waiting for hell to cut loose with spring start ups and of course the hubster sits 24/7 in his boat waiting...I think he plans to make a break for Ohio this Sunday with his buddies.
He has all his lures, colors, beads and bobbles in line.
The granddaughters thought he was making bracelet's...
Beer cooler fixed from last season...and his over nightie packed.

Mean while I am humming...

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