Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jim Sabo of Pine Hollow Estates, Grand Blanc Mi. screws local service people over and over again!

How do you like that!
When win the judgement in court but will not receive payment due to that fact that this fancy developer is "UNCOLLECTABLE"!

Now we can not do a damn thing from here but I will do this...
I will link this blog entry to his web page.

JIM SABO, Grand Blanc Michigan, developer of Pine Hollow Estates built his 3 corps on the backs of others and feels no remorse not to pay should he decide not to.
He may pay you for years and gain your confidence but once that happens and you let him run a talley of invoices due ...YOU ARE FUCKED!

There I said and I feel much better for doing to link this baby up!
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I am not one to let my toes be stomped and not scream!
I am writing White House on line...{{{ again}}} damn laws that protect the rich!


  1. Your kidding!

    I'd put that in the fucking bullshit category. Amazing what people can get away with....

  2. I heard Jim Sabo sleeps with goats.


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