Saturday, January 19, 2008

Team work..I am to fetch only as I suck at painting walls

Painting..painting and more painting. The house that is, the interior..the entire lower level.
Well not me. I am the tapper offer girl, the clean up and move this, get me that gal.
Feeling smug, somewhere between a well-aged velvety Cabernet and a sledgehammer I dance with pleasure!
I am having two surgery's on Jan. 30th and it will be so nice to come home and have this all pulled back together.
It appears my gallbladder has made stones and my bladder has folded over...improper weight lifting from years ago.
So......back to work.
Loving every minute up it...happy hour starts in 3 hours and I have much to do.
Love TJ

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  1. Erma Bombeck said getting older isn't for sissies, and she was right! I have the dreaded colonoscopy coming up...I've been putting it off for 8 years! I'll be thinking of you on the 30th, my friend, and wishing I lived closer, so I could bring you magazines and flowers and chocolate and...most of as you recuperate.



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