Friday, February 15, 2008

Crack of dawn photo entry

abbey 2008

Three things you need while recovering from the dégringolade of surgery...a soft bathrobe, the remote and a littliest gurlfriend. (end whinning)

A whooping 21 degrees today. ( end whinning)

At the crack of dawn, the first ray of morning sun I woke after tossing and turning all night. Downstairs the smell of fresh ground coffee brewing beckoned me.

Greeted with his physical backside and a "Morning luv" as he sat at the pc in the dinning room, I passed through smiling.

What?? I was smiling!

I poured my coffee, pulled back the family rooms drapes to check out my bird feeder.

Nature by Surprise. The three Amigos. My wild turkeys. I emptied all the aging cereal( mostly fiber...laughing which should make for a huge mess) we had into a bucket mixing it with bird seed and cracked corn. That should help them get through this harsh winter.


I need a hair cut, hair color and a shower.

Guess I should get this day rolling or maybe even go back to bed, it!

On top of it all...I have caught a cold.

Just ducky when the Dr.s orders was no lifting, no coughing.

( end whinning)

Wishing all who visit- Health, Happiness and much laughter.


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  1. What kind of surgery??? Please tell me what that word even means. Are you ok TJ?



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