Thursday, February 14, 2008

Male brain-Female Brain

If he thought he had to buy me something today because it was Valentines Day he would cave.
There was one time when a show of affections was never more necessary, he came through and won my heart back..that day I will never forget.
That was more then a Hallmark day could ever promote, it was the day we truely fell in love.
"cause I 'm still in love with you..." love TJ

CNN Medical Correspondent -by Elizabeth Cohen

(CNN) -- Close your eyes for a minute and envision all the romantic parts of the human body.
Her beautiful eyes. His strong shoulders. We'll stop there, but you go right ahead and think about all the body parts you want. read more..the science of love Male brain - Female brain.

The women's brain activities were a bit more puzzling. ( shocking)
Nancy luvs Pix -Aol Journal award for her photo entry on" Love "
Congrats Nancy.


  1. What a great V-Day post! Happy Valentine's Day, TJ!


  2. TJ,
    I so often relate to you in ways that are hard to even explain.
    What a lovely entry, my friend. And I do appreciate the mention a whole lot too!



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