Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kaizen..Feb. Goals

I have decided to live with the value that I want happiness, beauty and abundance in my life.
I believe we have to cultivate our own happiness. The beauty is there, it is every where.
I found this in this month's GoodHousekeeping and loved it.
Making the smallest imaginable change- a change that is so simple it may even be laughable.
A change so easy it has zero chance of failure. A change so small it can't help but stick.
GOAL...healthier and happier.
Thank you Rosemary Ellis.
To all who visit, Kaizen is the word.
Love TJ
Note to my love,
Happy Valentines with Love that is big.
I am sorry I picked at your personality this morning but the fact is you still must see the need for accountablity. Last word flaw is all mine.

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