Sunday, February 10, 2008

Laugh till it hurts..that's great medicine

She is so sturdy in character, I watch in awe as she Meg. I took the chance I had last night to thank my son Dan for her....he smiled and squeezed my hand as only he can.

She watches all of us as she grows looking closely. Picking and choosing what she will choose to mimick, after all life is a process of growing and learning together.

The family came to visit last night....I was ready but once the laughter started I found it hard to hold my stuff together.

I am sore this morning, a good kind of sore. Laughter does more healing I think then anything else I can think of.

Nick, Ethan and Megan did a show for us, a family talent show. What they come up with is sometimes more then I can bare. They even make programs for us to follow!

Feeling all so lucky......Love TJ

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