Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snow sickness and Surgery - a likely combination

The worst winter storm of its kind to hit Northern Lower Michigan in over 10 years has just moved out of the area. A major snowstorm moved into the area overnight. Lake effect snows, which occur almost daily until the lakes freeze over, joined the snowstorm last night and caused a pretty serious situation in my neighborhood last night. We received 13 inches of snow over night and this, along with high winds, caused local residents a lot of problems. When banks of snow are built up on the sides of the road, the wind can cause the snow to fill the road between the two sides, level with the top of the snow banks. This is exactly what happened over night on most roads in Northern Lower Michigan. This resulted in many local roads closed by 3-4 foot snow banks. Tow truck drivers have been working non-stop pulling cars and trucks out of ditches and snow banks. A county snowplow was seen rolled over on one of the local highways early this morning.
Hanging out in the house for surgery recovery is about to drive me nuts!! The weather has helped.
Finally I can say I think the large part of the painful moments are behind me...and I have NEVER seen so many reruns of absolutely awful television shows in all my life.
I am thankful.....just impatient or even more honest yet- A Terrible Patient.
laughing...good wishes

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  1. I'm so glad you are on the mend and I can relate to those reruns. :)

    The snow sound very scary so stick with the reruns. lol



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