Friday, March 14, 2008

DNA- a big fat Zero!

Gotta grip?
Yup I do now...just how awful can it be when you come face to face with yourself?
Ya know, that gurl!
The one that can run but not hide....
DNA test results are ZERO possibility. {{ Smiling BIG!}}
So I am feeling a touch like I hung my ass out for nothing.
When buttons are pushed maybe they should state more clearly what they are.
In my case it was "DA BOMB" button there after.
No casualties, just my pride.
My trip was short but sweet, to find a private spot to sort things out.
Happy as ever to be home and excited about my life once again.
We have had such a long, rocky road in past years .
Holding hands we have walked together yet standing on differents sides of view.
Sharing all that passed our way and always hoping to run across some laughter to re- energize ourselves. Any more life altering surprises would just maybe be that straw...fragile and powerful a confusing mix.
I am especially excited about Spring.... the gateway for Summer!
Bring it on.
Love TJ


  1. "Fragile and powerful" is found in all my relationships. I'm glad you're re-energized and hopeful. Relationships are always needing tending. ;)

    Love you!

  2. Wow! I`m here! Tj, you`re not that easy to find! Now I have to see what`s goin` on!

  3. (((((((((((TJ!!!))))))))))))))

    That is great news!

    I'm happy for you!



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