Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There I said it!! Now lets move on....

Making a declaration....please note:

"No more Holidays"

to be celebrated with our children in our home on the day of whateva event.

It is just to hard every time a holiday rolls around. It is a conflict of interest every single time...both sons and both wives.

I hate to hear the kids fighting, arguing over where to go for dates of celebration.

It takes all and I do mean all the fun out it for I will put a stop to it on my end.

It does make me sad.....but not as sad as I am when I stumble for words- when caught in a count back conversation of who did what -when and where.

I still have both my parents so any celebration will include the Great Grandparents and a few cousins as well. That can continue....for a long time, a very long time if I am lucky.

Hubster made the comment...just look at the money we will save.

Laughing....I do go overboard.

I don't think I ever made the cross over from mom to grand mom.

It's time...the only difference being I will never insist on a Holiday split or any other compromised arrangement knowing that there is unhappiness lurking in the bunch.

Most years- 365 days with a holiday schedule typically includes Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, a winter break that includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, and New Year's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

There is a whole bunch of other days to enjoy the company of the boys and their families.

So I say this sincerely- go and have fun.

Get outta here! Stop the damn arguing ....and just go.

(laughing) we really want only the grandkids anyways.


  1. My kids have always had to share their holidays and now that they are married it gets crazy! Pulled in too many directions with guilt trips strewn every where.

    I gave up holidays in my divorce and so I'm never on the list. When I get asked if they can come I LOVE it!

    It's all about the grandkids for sure! I'm with your hubby, it saves a fortune. ;)


  2. When I got married my father-in-law expected us to have dinner with him at his apartment every Sunday night and every holiday, without fail. My family lived far away, so they didn't expect us, but my f-i-l would alternate between insulted and hurt if he didn't get his way. I vowed I'd NEVER do that to my kids, and I haven't. I tell them we'd love to see them, and they are always welcome, but that it's important for them to start their own traditions...and I'd be happy to be included, if they're up for far, this seems to be working...


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