Saturday, April 19, 2008

" Miss can you lick this? "

Yesterday Meg went home...I miss her already.
We worked together and made her a Private blog as a project.
She wanted one so bad. It was so hard for me to get her to understand just how mean other kids can be and why if I helped her it would have to be private.
It would break my heart if someone ( a friend from yesterday, enemy for today ) wrote something hateful as a comment. And there is always the chance you know that it can work both ways...she could be the one to write something mean about someone else.
Anyway she is learning alot as we pull it all together and it is precious. She has invited grandparents and her teacher...
We took a trip to the Humane Society. She had never been nor did she understand what it was all about. I had to explain it is primarily DOG jail, a place for misunderstood or unwanted pets.
It was a sad event yet we both found ourselves smiling and finger petting all the animals, one by one through their cages.

After that we went for a pick me up....the new make up counter at JC Pennys!
Samples..may I say again and I can not express to the extreme Samples!
She looked like a "cheap hooker " before we left.
Of course I didn't deliver her in such shape, we washed up pretty good.
The remaining smell was a complete arm message of chocolate body lotion which had to experienced.
Name me one 8 year old who loves Chocolate as much as she does who wouldn't ask
" Miss can you lick this? "

Have to post my

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  1. I look forward to eventually having a granddaughter, and your posts of your wonderful experiences with Meg always make me look forward to that experience that much more.



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