Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poster child for "Living in the moment" speaks up again...


(starring straight forward into the mirror side by side)

I was waiting for "mine is smaller then yours...." boy would I have collasped with a belly roll laugh from that one!

Funnier yet we forgot what the hell we was trying to make a point about.....

oh the diet, that's right that damn diet!!

Does 1.25 oz count?

( looking like the cat that ate the canary)

Only if it was a 1.25 oz dubbie.

Oh he is so funny.... I suppose he will want to grow out his hair next.

There was those days, times years ago.
I never really could understand that type of "BUZZ".
I was the one in the crowd who got all paranoid.
It is fun to look back, things where so different.

Man oh man So was my butt!

I guess it is all about living in the moment.
He is the poster child for living in the moment or any moment now that I think about it.

ahhh yes...those where the days.

shhh don't tell the kids.



  1. It all counts and adds up to a healthy you! I lost my ass to ALS so Dave and I match. ;)

    Dubbies are good for ALS but at 46 it makes me think my drugs will do and they are legal.


  2. I'd say you crack me up, but...uh, that might be misinterpreted...



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