Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just for me...from me.


My favorite! The sunflower...and they look fabulous on my table.
I smile every time I walk by....
Summer is indeed on it's way.

I have Meg here with me for the week.
Both crippled in our own way and using each other for support.

Physical Therapy again to day and I should get my schedule for the MRI.
Yup..I am on my way to better health. Watch out...a road trip is hanging in he shadows.

This photo was taken with the flash fill setting as the sun came in through the window...sometimes do you ever wonder how we ever got so lucky to live in this moment we call the 21rst century?


  1. BEAUTIFUL pic (and my favorite, too!); it brought a smile to my face just to look at this! I'm glad Meg is there with you, and I hope your shoulder starts to feel better soon.



  2. Besides the great pic TJ, I just love how you describe it, your 8 year old....and life itself.




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