Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dudes do Diaper Partys ?

Kisses my sweet Meg!

Last night was the Daddy- Daughter Dance for Meg and her daddy.
Severe weather ripped through out area and all I could envision was all those little girls so sweetly dressed up and huddled in a hallway of the school in their daddy's arms.
It didn't last that long...I am thankful.

Hubster and Walleye buddies are all down on Lake Erie.
Walleye fishing and it looks as if it still much like winter down that way to me.

I watched the movie "IN THE WILD" last night, starring Emile Hirsch as a recent college graduate who decides to give away all of his possessions and take a journey to Alaska. He was walking away from life as he knew it to be free from the "social hang ups." hummm not a huge fan of the movie.

Marie went to Italy and brought back some great photos. You must visit!

The next photo challenge is Variety Show!

Nancy explains:Photograph something as viewed as an assortment...something that comes in different varieties. For example, it could be a bunch of flowers, or nuts, or crayons, or birds. The sky's the limit!

I thought it would be fun but now I am stumped. Our weather has dropped back into the 40's and that takes away some photo opportunities I had in mind. I will figure it out...

Tonight is the Diaper Party.
Never heard of such a thing.
It is the men friends of a man who will soon be a father who throws such an event.
Everyone brings a bag of diapers. Then of course there is cards and cocktails. When my son
made mention of this event I couldn't help but laugh. I guess the guys are getting more involved in their children..smiling.
Hell we all know they would drag in a bag of dog crap if it meant they could play cards and drink cocktails... who is kidding who?

Clueless what I will do with my day today.
My arm is still horribly sore so I am limited but I do know I will not watse it.


  1. I'm watching that tonight...bummer! lol

    Nancy is my bud and we actually met. We chat on the phone so I'll let her know she did good if she stumped you!

    Diaper party my ass! LOL


  2. I didn't like that movie either! And I was really disappointed, because I read the book twice, and was looking forward to what Sean Penn had done with it, but that was a mistake...

    The daughter-daddy dance mention brought back some sweet memories for me, not of my own Dad (that would have been out of the question for so many reasons), but of my ex going with our daughters...thanks for the memories!



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