Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Now let's get on with it...Life that is.

I have to have that last word...not always do I get it but I need it.
It is my nature...even when it is to my benefit to not say a word I insist!

I couldn't let this whole last ordeal drop...I just couldn't.

"When are you my dad" calls your home?
It's past us but not with a thank you for the expense of testing or time from anyone on the other end....

So I emailed her through classmates... as she requested.

By now you and Amanda should have received the " Positively No Possibility " test results.
We disagreed with you when you said that "she looks just like you" but thought it would only be right to put closure on this whole question the two of you shared.
Best wishes as you continue your search. I hope you will find it in your heart to NOT use words such as "Rock your world" or "You have a daughter who looks just like you " until you are sure in any future conversations with other family's you may ask for help. I am sure there is a much better approach at all this...

31 years later is a bit late for terms like "I am going to rock your world..you have a daughter who looks just like you!" in my opinion.
I would have looked more a lady I am sure if I had kept my mouth shut but i just couldn't. I felt a need that had to be satisfied.

I am sure this will back fire..it most always does but I am prepared to stand my ground.
I feel now it is over..truly over.

For those who didn't like the way I handled anything... " bite me."

Or better yet, learn from this. I know I did. I for the first time felt outside looking into my own home..wondering , watching and waiting.

Can you ever really forgive and forget or do you always remember the feeling of being so left out?


  1. I could understand A BIT if it were the young woman, immature and searching, who had called with that message, but the MOTHER?!?!? I think it's really good that you contacted her, but my guess is, she has a skin as thick as her head. Still, I think it's good you spoke up. As for forgiving and forgetting...it IS hard to feel left out, and one of the worst feelings, I think, but...it's important to get beyond that, as the only one it really hurts is you, and you deserve much better than that, my friend. And I think you're a terrific lady.



  2. Judi said it all so I'll add my love and support. XXOO


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