Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Fracked Up Template under my belt....

Is there anything better then those first few warms days ....
after a very long winter?
Gentle breeze blowing in through the window, birds singing and I got inspired to play HTML.

Working on templates today, eating oxycodon for pain in my shoulder and just what the hell was I thinking...??

I have totally ruined Write Words Writers Club blog. ( silent sobbing)

I am sick to death...even put out a call to the master Jod{i} and haven't heard a word of guess is that I really and truly FRACKED IT UP bad this time.

I never learn..never!
AS you can see I even went on to play with this one more...laughing. I wish I knew why change is such a driving force in my daily life...

Hope everyone is having a fine spring day!
I am starting to meet new Photo blog people again since I am getting back active.
There sure is alot of people to learn from...what a great planet and time to live.
To reach out and meet people in such a way is always a amazing concept.

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