Friday, April 4, 2008

If you’re alive, your soul is up to something,

Burst of song across the heavens announcing
you've found your loving soul-mate.
Ahhh yes!
Love is in the air.
She will have nothing to do with any other animal but the 90 pound Golden Retriever next door name Champ.
A Yorkie and Golden Retriever....unforeseen love at first sight.
An odd couple of great contrast.
My favorite quote about love is "Love others as you would desire to be loved."
If you’re alive, your soul is up to something, Being wanted. Wanting someone isn't that what it is all about?
New Entry for Round Robyn Photo Challenge- Captions. ( April 5th, Sat. post)
The photo I chose was an older one, my caption is Believe.


  1. Love the pet pics.
    Also, the song. What is it?

    Just to let you know, my poor eyes just can't seem to read the green font on the gray. So, I'm off to make an eye appointment.

  2. Did you write that? If you did, I love it! Well, even if you didn't, I love it...but I'd love it more if you did!

    Your nutty Nancy


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