Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Woodie

Doesn't do much for me either....

Orgasmic for walleye and I think I may have seen a little woodie
on the hubster while he was standing in front of the display....laughing

It is such an exciting time when we bring the fifth wheel home and pack it up
for the summer. and memories. Simple, paid for and just the right size...for what
we use it for.



I am making plans for Groveland Park to take the grandkidz.
We can go and still be close enough to home .
Can not wait....

Toys...need more water toys.

Started a new project....oldest son, daughter, dad and wicked step mother.

We all weigh in tomorrow for the first time.

What a challenge. Oldest son and I have the most to loose.

I am his Fat Ass Sponcer and he is mine.

Love you babe...

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  1. Dave gets the same way. LOL Can I go? ;) You sponser your son...yikes! Love ya!


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