Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Mun -No fun! Loosers and winners....

I know....that is all we ever hear
DIET- dirty word,
I have gained and lost a whole person over the years.

This summer our son and his wife has joined us.
That makes grandpa, grama, mom, dad, baby and wife all in the challenge of dropping any amount of weight as long as it is a loss each week.

It has been two years for quitting cigarettes this month.
That flat amazes me as I truly long for a cigarette at least once a day STILL!
Time flys...addictions hang in there tight.

" I don't want to smoke "
" I don't want to smoke " clicking Ruby red slippers together

I am pumped!
This is my summer.
I mean that.
I haven't felt this good is such a long time. Almost like a winner.
The surgeries are paying off big time.

In about a week the hubster takes off to camp and fish with other family and friends down on Lake Erie.

I need plans....
plans that will keep me busy and burning calories and not money.
Besides working...
although it is going to be nice to be back working.
Remembering that " NO MuN NO FUN!"
Speaking of Money...
[see how my mind works]
Sparks just fly re-igniting other thoughts...

Shit I have to go pick our taxes today..almost forgot!
Gotta run...

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  1. WOW! 2yrs no smoking...WooHoo! I'll be cheering for your diet.!

    Love ya!


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