Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your prison is walking through this world all alone...

When it comes to family:
she is repressed, bitter, insecure, and angry and usually of a traumatic nature.
Born to the same parents, raised in the same home we are sisters.
We are as close to each other as the Pluto is to Earth, Pluto being the farthest planet from the Earth.
She almost always follows the same apparent path through all these years and on occassion and I will walk in and outside of it.
As she ages she will need to be more dependent on her daughters.
She has always said that they will take care of her.
So ....
She fights with aging parents and daughters.
She would fight with me too if I allowed it but I have learned to stay out of that side of her business.
I sing this song when my heart gets heavy ....a shout out for my sister.
I dedicate this to song to you.... I love you.....and think of you always.
Desperado, why dont you come to your senses?
You been out ridin fences for so long now
Oh, youre a hard oneI know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin you
Can hurt you somehow
Don you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
Shell beat you if shes able
You know the queen of heats is always your best bet
Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones that you cant get
Desperado, oh, you aint gettin no youger
Your pain and your hunger, theyre drivin you home
And freedom, oh freedom well, thats just some people talkin
Your prison is walking through this world all alone
Dont your feet get cold in the winter time?
The sky wont snow and the sun wont shine
Its hard to tell the night time from the day
Youre loosin all your highs and lows
Aint it funny how the feeling goes away?
Desperado, why dont you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin, but theres a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you, before its too late......

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  1. I'm sorry for the boundary choices you have been forced to make. I need to send this to my oldest child.

    Big HUG


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