Friday, February 22, 2008

When "Are you my dad?" comes home...

Expressing how I seen the moments that may or maynot change our lives.
Writing with heart in hand...understanding the impact of past-to-future thinking on emotions can be complicated.

His last words to the stranger on the other end of the phone conversation was

" Yes I will call her."

Dialing the number with some difficulty and a slight sence of embarrassment he knew this call would possibly lead to him to acknoweleging that this young women could and may very well be his daughter.

He was disconcerted by the awkwardness of introducing himself.

The young women answered the phone quickly changing her 'Hello" tone into a curiosity only heightened by his interest.
Questions were exchanged with some momentary of silence and hesitations.Stumbling for words she asked if he would agree to testing.

Admitting to truths, he gave comfort to her as he agreed to all the possibilities of parentage.

Hanging up the phone, he realized he had made his way through the difficulty.

Where to go from here?

Our next step....DNA testing-A test for absolution.

My entry.

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  1. Wow - I have two adopted friends that I know about who've looked for their birth found her mother, and that turned out to be a fascinating, and overall good, reunion...the other has stopped looking, mostly in deference to her adoptive parents, who let her know they were unhappy with her search...but all of us want to know our roots...


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