Thursday, February 21, 2008

53rd year- A winter's night and It's an eclipse.


The 53rd year - A winter's night.

The 1 degree days have been chilling to the bone, frigid and snowblowing bitterly cold. Our nights have been much worse, much like life has been over shadowed by the darkness of the cold.

In younger years we might have danced by the fire's light, drinking wine together and quietly laughing as our children slept in rooms down the hall.

In these years we find peace in the comforts of individual, personal space as we cozy up together.
Still the occasional wine, often a a shared laugh we have grown comfortable with each other.

Staring out the window at the lunar eclipse as it slowly changes it phases, changing in colors I felt influenced by awe again.

The overwhelming feeling of my 53rd winter filled me completely.

A perfect dreamy winter's night , It's an eclipse.
(Borrowed photo from the net.)


  1. Perfect shot of the moon....did you take it???
    Lovely entry, TJ~

  2. This is beautiful, both the pic and the writing.


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