Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blind Date??

Henry Ward Beecher:It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.

L ooking around, she was nowhere to be found. I pulled myself from the booth from where we sat just seconds ago before she excused herself and went looking for her.
Just outside the restaurants door, lying on the street was the flower she had her hand.
Walking over, I bent to pick it up still searching for a glimpse of her.
Gone and I do not understood why.
Walking back into the restaurant carrying the limp single flower in my hand, my heart was pounding. I sat with a slide back into the booth and place the flower in my goblet of water watching it as it bent slightly over almost as if it would fall out.
This is a first for me, left without a word I sit silently alone with both confusion and confirmation.
Perhaps she wasn’t as blind as her well-meaning friends had thought. Perhaps she had seen right through me clearly seeing my insincere intentions.
I was thinking maybe this could be a beginning while all along she was already past her stopping point.
Feeling the hit of the bull’s eye I realize that this first of not knowing what is expected on a blind date issue is very loaded.
I have been dumped without animation.
Left behind ...( short story)

Left behind.. Photo Blog Entry with credits

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  1. Wow, TJ, this is GREAT. I'm intrigued, and want to read more...



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