Monday, February 18, 2008

Just do -dah

Please don't feed the dust bunnies. ~Author Unknown
I have very little spring cleaning left to do....
I'll wait for a warm breeze to finish up.
That being dah MAYBE NEVER!

Went out today and bought the bulk of needs for the
up coming shower and now to make the bath salts.

I thought a loofa sponge, a bar of homemade soap
that Kimmer makes and a fancy jar of my bath salts
would make great gift bags for the game prizes.
Asking Meg to help host this shower with me. {{smiling}}
What 8 year old little girl doesn't like to see all the baby items??

The HUBSTER gave me a great idea for a photo entry without knowing so.
I think he sneaks...I know he sneaks!!
The Holy Grail- His Holy Grail.

Oh sure I am laughing now!
Just wait until spring when I walk out to his
barn and drop the lock.
I am sure my jaw
will be the next to drop...
I do not encompass the fishing passions as he would have hoped
BUT I am practising a walleye kiss for the fun of it.
Just have to get my hands right to look more like a gill
up against my cheeks...

Outta here.
Oh but yet....
A physics joke: "Energy equals milk chocolate square"


  1. Hm, I haven't done bath salts in ages. Now that I actually have a bathtub I might have to make myself some :)

  2. Cute entry...almost makes me wanna have a baby. (NOT)

    Anyway...have fun with it all. And love that little chocolate joke too!



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