Sunday, April 20, 2008

It won't come to have to go for it!

Relax. Take a deep breath.

He will come dressed in a harem costume floating into the room on the end of a smoke tail.

A single blink of an eye and you are off to travel through time and space.

He has the answers you seek.
"Deep" view or "relative" view?

I am not simply searching out the expression and consequence of human whims and designs.
I want all which remains essentially mysterious in nature, dangerously wild, unpredictable and largely out of our control....

Just once....just once adding more color to my thoughts.

You read about all the magical incidences( myths) in the long- long ago past times yet nothing today.

Sit and conjure all you can and still 'Nada.

I cannot even find a fortuneteller who advertises a promise for winning Lottery numbers!

I am guessing that mysterious in nature, dangerously wild, unpredictable and largely out of our control isn't a random act in these times.

So I will ask just once more...clicking heels together, crossing fingers and toes.

Here's to the future.....Hear my cry.
Might you spare a dragon or dragon slayer?
A birds or beasts, next the human-animal composites, followed by creatures of darkness, and finally the fairies and giants.

Must I seattle for The Walleye Fish Slayer?
Hummm. Just doesn't seem as exciting!
He is leaving again today for Ohio....I really need to get this shoulder well so I can entertain myself.

Smiling....Going to Soaring Eagle next Friday night. World class Get away.The Soaring Eagle Resort is decorated in a woodland Indian motif. Over $2 million of Native American artwork is exhibited throughout the property; wool carpeting featuring custom woodland Indian designs adorn the hotel lobby, Grand Ballroom and meeting rooms.

The original stained glass reflecting the Anishnabe Culture is found on every floor.
Check out the winners for Feb. I want to be one for April!!
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  1. I sending winning vibes for Soaring Eagle. :)

    Chocolate lotion...yum! She's a cutie alright!

    Lova ya,

  2. Yep, things don't happen, people MAKE things happen...I know that is true.

    Good luck!




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