Sunday, May 4, 2008

What time do the birds get up?

Today is suppose to be BEAUTIFUL!!
3:03 am is a tad bit early to greet the day but my shoulder woke me up demanding more medication.
Damn thing!

A customer of ours ( who ever said men do NOT gossip) called me last night to share his back surgery story with the kindness of intention. Hubster must have made mention of my issues. He explain a bit more then I had understood with such great detail and I sucked it up without a single tear. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was just getting passed two surgeries and I have dandelions in my flower beds.......
I thanked him for taking the time to call and share his support with me and made it all sound very optimistic on my end with words like" maybe ...just might and ya' just never know."

Any who.....Mother's day rounds the corner. Cards are in the mail.
I would love to do something to catch my mom by surprise. That is nearly impossible.
She has everything, wants for nothing and time togther is all she ever really wants.
We laugh, seriously laugh none stop when we are together.
How we can find everything to be so funny is beyond me...a walking fart can send her right over the edge! This in her own words is " leaking." The laughing and hauling ass from an isle is my clue she has leaked.

She is so unlike most women her age.
Good God I just stopped long enough to think that she jsut may be turning 76 years this year.
Wouldn't know it, she never sits and she thinks with such a young heart.
I have one hellofa time keeping up with her...


  1. It's good to get support but not scare the crap out of you!

    I'd like your mom and I "leak" everytime I laugh. lol Oops!

    Feel better soon...HUGS

  2. This post made me laugh! I laugh like that with all of my kids, but especially with my firstborn. We are quite different from each other, but get along very well. When she was in high school and we'd fight, which wasn't often, we'd both end up seemed so ludicrous for us to be fighting...and the laughter was frustrating, but eventually we'd just forget the fight. It sounds like you have a great Mom. I wish I'd had mine longer.


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