Friday, May 2, 2008

An Unforgettable Encounter

The hubster and youngest son was pulling the rig down a two lane road going slower then normal due to a dump truck in front of them. The normal speed in that zone is 50 mph.

My son is looking out the passenger's side window and yells for his dad to" STOP THE TRUCK!"
Before he could even finish getting the words out of his mouth he jumps from the moving truck as my husband tries to get the whole rig off to the side of the road.

There laying face down in a drive way was a young women with her car door open.
Aaron runs to her side with his dad not far behind him and yells to dad to call 911.

Aaron looks into the car and there was two small children, one about three years old and the other a small baby both in car seats.

Looking at how pale white the mother's appearance was he also noticed she had urinated all herself and busted her face up pretty good when she fell. He tried to wake her and once he realized she was totally out he went for the crying little one in the back seat.

In minutes the sheriff's car pulled in and you could hear the ambulance as it was getting closer.

Dad and Aaron had the three old settled down and didn't have any answers for the officer, just that they saw her laying passed out on the driveway and came as quickly as they could.

The young women did come to slightly with the EMT's working with her but wasn't making any sense and was very confused. She explain she didn't have any health issues that she knew of. The guys do not know what happen.....but was very grateful they seen her and could help.

What a blessing that big old dump truck was going so slow and that the guys were pulling their big work trailer so they couldn't pass him! I couldn't control my tears. I admired and complimented their willingness to get involved.
That wasn't a random act of kindness for a strangers. That is how mankind should react and interact with each other. We are all in this together and what a amazing planet this is. It never ceases to amaze me...never.

Oh the toss of the other side of the coin they came home early and caught me sneaking up to the post office before I could get out of the subdivision.
I am not suppose to drive because of the medication I am on and the fact I can't use my left arm very well or turn my head very much.

I felt good enough for the outing but the truth is that the narcotics lie to I guess you can say they just may very well have save me or someone else too.
Now I feel bad...I knew better.

Well this is just about as long as I can sit here and type.
I will be back here and there. May 14th is my surgeon's consult.

Peace to all....Love TJ


  1. TJ, you must be bursting with pride over this deed. Bravo guys!

    TJ, step AWAY from the vehicle!

    Feel better soon...smooches!

  2. TJ...
    Thanks for taking the time and energy to share this story. It's special, and so are those boys of yours!
    I just posted something about an unusual encounter that I had 2 days ago.


  3. You've got lots of reason to be proud of your guys! I so agree with you, this is how we should react...we are all in this together...but so often, that is not the case.


    p.s. - ditto Tammy...step AWAY from the vehicle! ;p


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