Thursday, July 24, 2008

They come..they go leaving me with smiles and quiet laughter


Three of the six grand kidz come to stay over.

Summertime....Meg and Emily on the trampoline together was like jello and whip creme.
A perfect combination for jumping together.
I wanted to jump, squell and bounce uncontrollable with them but we know that isn't going to happen.
After this neck surgery I am lucky to turn my head far enough to watch for cars while driving.
((( hmmmm)))

The three of them took a simple angle food cake and turned it into a master piece.
Neon food coloring gave the ice creme and cake a whole new look.

Ethan was tickled to death when the "Men's " soaps and candle lite bubble bath....there wasn't a relaxing second. It was all soaking.


Traditionally we tell spooky stories in the Scooby tent.
I have to say the story's are getting getting closer to a remake of Stephan King book.

I love when they come.
They all are so different and add so much to a day in their own unique way.
Meg's at horse camp today and the others have gone their own ways.
They leave me with smiles...lots of smiles and fond memories.
Love you guys BIG!!

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  1. You must be the best grammy ever! Those girls are very lucky....and very very cute too!



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