Friday, July 25, 2008


Tommorrow we will be going to a Tiger's baseball game. That is in Greek town, a place I love!!
I love the Pegasus Taverna Restaurant, great classic Greek dishes are prepared in a grand open kitchen in front of the dining room. They serve flaming cheese, everyone yells "UMPA"
No idea what that means...vawella maybe?

It is such a quiet day. Phones aren't screaming, a nice warm breezy 79 degrees.
Glass of white wine, both hubster and old dog fast asleep on the couch.
Cooking fresh corn on the cob and chicken wings with a garlic, basil, oregeno, and olive oil dip.

My shoulder still hurts but it maybe something that will take a bit of time to work through.
More whine...why sure Thanks!
(( laughing ))
Unlike so many, I am NOT a brave heart. If it hurts I hollor.

Sunday, well "oh hummm."
Can't make it and never had any plans to do so.
Hubster and the youngest son and his family will attend for which I am thankful. Our oldest son will be with his family up north at his boss's cookout.
I can not bare the thoughts of my presence which will only make everyone uncomfortable.
Not good for me and definately not good for party on and be thankful. I haven't a forgiveness performance left in me.... not for those few.

I am thankful.
Thankful for :
appliances that work as they should
a wonderful new renter
family that Loves and Respect one another
the birth of a new Star Gazer lily
the Cardinal who wakes me in the morning
the tree frogs who totally rock in my book.

Wishing everyone happiness, health and much laughter,
love TJ

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