Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fnnnnnnnnnn rip off's

Fiaono Wine
(750mL ) $7.99 USD
Those basturds...........yup "we will order it for you."

I am paying $11.98 a bottle.
This is a Olive Garden special which we paid $20.00 a bottle.
Now I find I can get it on line for $7.99.

This market has to get in check! It's a bottle of wine for gods sake!
A chap bottle of wine... and look at the mark up!

We have lowered our prices even though the cost of gas has gone up.
Makes no sence, I know.
But if you really care about your business and it's customers you too have to compromise.
Period ......end of ranting!
We are a family business in touch with our customers!

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  1. Restaurants always do that! Better to buy it by the case and have it to drink at home. As a colleague used to say when contemplating her teenage son and daughter: "What I need is a little somethin' to sip on..."



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