Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts of joy and sorrow...

This morning was a warmer morning much warmer then in the past few weeks.

Last night we stayed at the Soaring Eagle Hotel in a balcony room, which made a wonderful setting for morning coffee as the sun came up. I watched as the water glitter and danced with the days new light around the fountain out back.
The ride up and back was our time to talk...we do our best exchange while traveling.
We burned a few ears, hashed over some up and coming events.
We made plans...talked out strategies.

Christmas was on my mind.
Christmas already?
I miss the days when I shopped the deals all year round for the holidays.
Each grandchild 15 boxes, beautifully wrapped with all the holiday ornate including something new to place on their tree.
That is an expense we no longer can manage.
Now it is one gift, one box for each.
I have to make that one present speak loudly the joy of giving.
Tuff get my thinking cap on.

Sending a big hug of support for Charlene and her family who will bury her son and mother this week.
Seperate passings, same weekend.

Cards are out, the phone should start ringing and we are offically back to work.
Until later,


  1. How tragic for that family, I can't imagine.

    I've not been able to physically do big Christmas shopping, baking and wraping. I'm not very creative at gift giving either so send any tips you come up with. Did you have to use the "C" word so early? lol


  2. I feel for Charlene and her family. I cannot begin to imagine how awful that must be.

    On a happier note...TJ, we must have been separated at birth! I did the 15 boxes thing too...ok, actually, I only did 12, but with other gifts from other people, that meant each child had at least 15...but we decided to start drawing names a couple of years ago (not for Xander, of course) because it just got too expensive...

    But I do love Christmas, and it's no surprise to me that you do too!



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